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Once again we pit animal against owner to see if what they say is true, are pets really like their owners? This month we meet Cylka the Panther Chameleon and her owner Zuzana.


Breed: Female Panther Chameleon

Likes: Watching the world go by from the window, escaping, exploring, climbing, locusts

Hates: Anyone’s mouth being close, crickets, glass (I just can’t get it!), laying eggs!

If human/animal we would be: An Explorer

Wants: To go on holiday to Madagascar.

Interesting facts:  I was a boy named Cyril until x-rays confirmed that I’m actually a girl!!!!

Most impressive thing ever done: I appeared on Channel News (in a story about the importation of reptiles)



Breed:  Moravian, Czech Republic

Likes:  Nature, old movies, dancing, snow and mountains.

Hates: Not being able to ever see my grandparents again.

If human/animal would be: A butterfly

Wants: A Hungarian Vizsla dog

Interesting facts: According to a DNA test I am a distant relative of Nikolay II, the last Russian tsar.

Most impressive thing ever done: I drove a dog sled 20 miles along the Norwegian/Russian border

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