Pet of the month



Once again we pit animal against owner to see if what they say is true, are dogs really like their owners? This month Alexa introduces her labrador Bramble who hangs out daily in the Aurum jewellery studio.


Breed: Black Labrador

Age: three years old

Likes: Walks whatever the weather, come rain or shine!

Hates: Having my ears cleaned!

If human/animal we would be: Jessica Ennis (if you saw her high jumps you’d understand why!)

Wants: A sofa of my own.

Interesting facts: Can carry six big long sticks (practically trees!) in my mouth at once.

Most impressive thing ever done: Springing up into the air from a standstill, over a metre high.




Age: Old enought that everything is legal!

Likes: Walking on those days when you can almost drink the air

Hates: Dealing with the bindweed in the garden!

If human/animal would be: A black cat

Wants: A mac book

Interesting facts: Can play The Entertainer by Scott Joplin

on the piano.

Most impressive thing ever done: Completing the Itex walk whilst pregnant with my daughter.