Pet of the Month: Catherine and Misty



Breed: Human

Age: 36

Likes: Hollyoaks (I know!), salt and vinegar crisps, holidays

Hates: Poor organisation, bad manners

If animal would be: A duck

Wants: A good old fashioned bit of peace and quiet

Interesting facts: I speak really good Spanish

Most impressive thing I’ve done: Lived and worked in South America

Misty the Wonderhound

Breed: Dog – Belgian collie ridgebacked grey sheep hound (total mixture)

Age:  1 (my birthday is New Year’s Day!)

Likes: Balls, frisbees, shoes, valuables, sneaking onto the bed at night, your dinner

Hates: The doorbell

If human would be: A nosey neighbour

Wants:  Your food (any)

Interesting facts: I’m named after a French fishing boat!

Most impressive thing I’ve done: Destroying the phonebook – Geoff Capes would have been proud