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Breed: Human!

Age: 31

Likes: I am currently totally in love with building my EFT Tapping business

Hates: Animal cruelty and any other kind of suffering.  Seeing it and knowing it exists in the world saddens me

If I were an animal: I think I would have to be a leopard.  I think big cats are so graceful and powerful.

Wants: Happiness, joy, abundance and glamour!

Interesting fact: I am one third of the Vocal Harmony Trio ‘Optimistic Voices’

Most impressive thing I’ve done: Studied three different courses whilst holding down a demanding full time job and part time job to enable me to get to where I am with my very own EFT Tapping business…  It has been hard work, but totally worth it to be able to make a difference to people’s lives.  I just LOVE seeing people after a Tapping session smiling and filled with new energy.


Breed: Rat

Age:  3

Loves: Food and sleeping!

Hates: I don’t hate anything!  I’ve always been adventurous and super friendly.

If I were human: I’d be my namesake, Peggy Lee!  Jazz singing rat lady :o)

Wants: Cheese…  mostly I always just want more cheese.

Interesting Fact: I’m over three years old…  Which is basically a miracle for a rat!  I’m possibly a vampiric hybrid…?!

Most impressive thing I’ve done: I’m an impressive climber and escape artist. My most death defying feat was being face to face with our dog on the couch and giving him a nip on the nose…  I’m pretty ballsy!

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