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RAWJERSEY NATURAL PETS – Our raw feeding journey began when we were researching what to feed our Hungarian Vizsla puppy, Hunter (now 21 months) prior to bringing him home. We came to the conclusion that raw was the way to go – it makes sense – dogs are carnivores after all!

We both work full time in the finance industry, Richard works in the Private Equity Department at State Street and Rachel is a Senior Administrator in the Performance and Reward Management Team at Ogier. We both thoroughly enjoy our full time jobs, however we wanted to make raw feeding easy and accessible for local pet owners and noticed there was a gap in the market. We therefore decided to go into partnership and set up a business called RAWJersey Natural Pets. After many e-mails and negotiations we became the sole supplier of Nutriment raw food (www.nutriment.co). Nutriment is the highest rated raw food on the market and makes raw feeding very easy as it is pre-made so you don’t need to work out the percentages as you do for DIY (do it yourself) raw.

Dogs are carnivores and cats are obligate (strict) carnivores, and are therefore anatomically built to eat raw meat. Their teeth are designed for tearing and chewing, their short intestines avoid the putrefaction of flesh foods, and the powerful digestive juices can even dissolve lumps of bone. This means they can effectively eat food which would kill humans without any harmful effects. We have all experienced our dogs picking up something nasty or undesirable on a walk – a dead rabbit, an old kebab – but they have suffered no ill effects and positively seem to relish these disgusting meals!

The general public seem to have been brainwashed into thinking that kibble is what our animals are supposed to eat but what actually goes into the food most people feed their pets? Rejected grains, scrap meats, bulking agents, spoiled corn, chemicals, wood pulp, even road kill and the remains of zoo, farm and even domestic animals which are cooked at very high temperatures and fortified with preservatives to give a very long shelf life.

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food) diets are based on fresh foods such as raw meats, raw bones, raw vegetables and minerals, and are designed to mimic what your cat or dog would eat in the wild. Think about it – if your dog ran off today, you wouldn’t find him grazing in the wheatfields, but chasing the rabbits!

Kibble was invented for the convenience of man, not for the benefit of pets. If left to its own devices, a dog (or cat) will catch or scavenge its food from the prey of others, and will eat virtually everything – the flesh (a great source of essential protein), fat (a source of energy), bone (a source of calcium and other minerals), muscle, organ meats and stomach (an excellent source of enzymes, minerals and pre-digested plant material).

Does your dog/cat suffer from yeast infections, itchy skin, allergies, diarrhoea, ear infections, skin hotspots, arthritis, cancer, anal gland irritation, unpredictable behaviour? Have you ever considered how this might be linked to the food they are eating? If so please get in contact by e-mail to rawjersey@outlook.com – we would love to help you make the switch to raw.

We are hosting talks with Catherine O’Driscoll, founder of Canine Health Concern, 3-5th October – please see our website or e-mail us for more information and tickets (Events tab on the website).

We also stock a selection of natural treats (venison/fish), chews, antlers, Billy + Margot iced treats, wheat free biscuits and accessories, and can supply Kiezebrink products for the more adventurous feeders.

For more information, please visit us at 



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