DJ Yoda hits the castle

It?s not often I?d admit to listening to Rick Astley. I actually saw him on VH1 the other day singing ?Never Gonna Give you Up? and specifically noticed the lyric ? We?re no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I?. Rick sang this with no sense of irony whilst wearing a matching stonewash denim shirt and jeans combo with a Simon Cowell style belt level. No stranger to love looking like that?! It was obviously easy to get laid in the 80?s.  Anyway, I digress. The point being, I?m no Rick Astley fan. I do listen to it occasionally though when I throw on DJ Yoda?s ?How to Cut and Paste 2?. It?s infectious the way that he cuts and scratches such a myriad of tracks and samples to come out with one of the most fragmented yet cohesive uplifting mixes of music you can imagine. Last time Yoda rocked the Splash I was fortunate enough to see the man himself at work behind the decks and watch the crowd respond to his every scratch.

Yoda is one of Britain?s most admired and original DJs, having built a reputation as the only DJ to single-handedly inject humour into UK hip-hop.  Admired for his originality as well as his sense of fun, he is possibly the only DJ in the world who can fill a club cutting George Formby with Jurassic 5, or 80?s pop with New York rap.  Tipped by Q Magazine as one of ?The 10 DJs you must see before you die?, and voted alongside DJ Premier as ?One of the Top Three DJs in the World? in Hip Hop Connection magazine, DJ Yoda is no ordinary scratch DJ.  Born in London, Yoda represents a new brand of mix-master who will play any kind of music to make people dance with a hip-hop set that can take the audience from underground rap to TV themes, to nursery rhymes, country, soul, reggae, drum and bass, 80?s pop and back again.  It?s the unique style that has led Yoda to perform alongside  Basement Jaxx, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson and Fatboy Slim and been invited to DJ and VJ at a huge range of top level events. If you appreciate all styles of music and want to check out one of the world?s most entertaining DJs.
Catch him performing at Theory Offshore at Elizabeth Castle, 16th August alongside Mylo. More DJs to be confirmed.

money money money(penny’s)

Now a regular monthly night at Club

72, July sees the return of the Money Pennies troop, and this time with a blast from the past it is the turn of ‘The peoples DJ Jim ?Shaft? Ryan’. He’s the man who started the whole thing, so we are extremly lucky  to have pinned him down for a night of house music. Well renowned in club land, he is one of the busiest men in the industry playing his residences throughout the summer, but he still finds time to present The Miss Moneypenny?s radio show weekly in London, Ibiza, Marbella, Teneriffe,Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria. The show allows Jim to delve deep into his crates and Inbox to champion some of the brightest young talents and the hottest records from his contemporaries.

Where: Club 72

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