New Insights

New Insights.

There are so many pretenders to the web portal throne these days. Jersey has been inundated over the last few years, Jersey directories, classified sites, news portals, all sorts. One name has always remained. Whilst it’s never been a looker of a site, Islanders know you get what you need on Jersey Insight. Yes, the pictures are a bit small and the navigation a bit clunky but it’s the loyal following that really ensures that no other sites touch it when it comes to directory searches and classifieds.
Jersey Insight owes its dominance in part to its first mover advantage. First launched in 2002, the site has taken an ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ attitude until now with limited additions and changes. However, page views have increased month on month and JI is now arguably the most popular community portal in Jersey.  This is largely due to the highly successful buy and sell classified section. Let’s face it, we all ‘stick it on Jersey Insight’.  I hear that the police even use it to track stolen goods, such is its presence. Although the popularity of the site remains strong, Jersey Insight have finally decided that the look and feel is a little tired and the navigation could be improved. With the backing of JT and the only official directory of Jersey businesses, direct from the paper directory, there was a requirement to re-focus the site as an entry point for the online directory.
Overall they’ve decided that the popularity of the site was not currently being utilised to its full potential and that us faithful Jersey Insight users would benefit from a bit of an update.
Cue the new Jersey Insight for 2011. The online directory has been given much more prominence on the site. This search facility is a complete replica of the Jersey Directory and they foresee use of this increasing as behaviour changes and more people look for contacts online. There seem to be a million listings sites that appear in search with varying levels of detail. At least you’ll know the JT one is as accurate as looking in the phone book.
Navigational improvements have been made for both the placement of classified adverts and log ins to the site. They’ve introduced better filtering to help customers more easily find what they are looking for and a new favourites section if you want to compare options.You’ll also be able to add multiple photos to your listings.
Another new addition is specific classified sections for particular business sectors. They have introduced tradecard sections for Vehicles, Recruitment Agencies and Estate Agents so they will have their own dedicated area to sell their services.
The new site is online this month. Go and have a look…