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Something to Mull over…


Be it mulled wine or mulled cider…coquito, Greyano or Ponche Navideno, these festive tipples are certain to conger up a festive glow. Check out our latest compilation of some of the more interesting boozy holiday beverages from around the globe.

Eggnog…Baileys…Sherry…in fact anything that resembles creamy booze and it’s the subject of festive tipples here and in the UK. You’ll even find a number of the local coffee shops stocking up on eggnog lattes – the only time of year when thick cream, pure sugar and raw egg becomes a desirable drink!

There are numerous mouth-puckering variations of this spice-loaded, warmed, sugared wine– all served throughout Europe. From Nordic Glogg – reminiscent of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bitter sweet orange, ginger and a generous helping of aquavit -– to German Gluhwein – a concoction of lemon, ginger, cloves, cinnamon sticks and cardamom – every glass sits perfectly comfortably with the cold dark nights and a roaring fire.

Bulgaria’s mulled speciality comes in the shape of Greyano Vino – a warmed mixture of honey, peppercorns, apple and citrus. The Polish opt for a more traditional variant – Grzane or Grzane Piwo – the latter being more of a mulled beer. When in hand remember to utter the words ‘Na zdrowie’ (to your health!)

Wassail, although a mulled British cider, is extremely popular across the pond. Just like it says on the tin, all you need is a bottle of your favourite cider and a pan. Unlike wine, with its ability to turn your lips a rather mesmerising shade of purple, this apple-based variant is slightly sweeter and is less likely to stain your clothes.

Although the name ‘Ponche Navideno’ may sound similar to sweet ponches, this version is created with sugar cane, apples or pears, raisons, prunes, citrus and tejocotes (an aboriginal fruit grown by the Aztecs). Add brandy, tequila or rum (optional) and heat. At Christmas time, it’s not uncommon to spot ponche vendors on every street corner, intent on dispensing cupfuls of good cheer.
Another popular Mexican beverage, again served around Christmas time, is Champurrado. This chocolaty delight consists of warmed cornmeal thinned to a pourable consistency with a hit of chocolate spice.

Cola de Mono, in other words, a potent grape brandy combined with wine and nicknamed ‘Christmastime’, which in actual fact means a glass of Monkey’s Tail. Combine vanilla beans, cloves, coffee, milk and aquardiente (forget about the name) and ‘Bottom’s Up!’

Locally known as Sorel, and in Australia ‘Rosella’, Sorrel Punch is a Jamaican Christmas delicacy. Made from the petals of the hibiscus flower, this delicate, fruity cocktail is the perfect festive beverage. The recipe varies however around the globe, but if you’re intent on re-creating a Jamaican Christmas at home, combine freshly smashed ginger with lime juice, dark rum and dried hibiscus buds.

There are many good reasons to sip on big, bold red mulled wines during the winter months – not only do they warm you to the bone, the spiced notes of Sorrel Punch, Cola de Mono and warm cider simply scream Christmas time!



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