Moguls+Monopolies=Human Missiles

The barrage of bad news is proving a little tiresome

Many people are reading this month’s magazine under a proverbial cloud, a feeling of agitation that cannot be attributed to a specific cause. It may be a result of the general pressure applied by these uncertain times we are living through. If so, some politicians (current and former) are not helping.

In October, the people who the media sniff around for a quote were up to their old tricks, and other big stories have emerged from unlikely sources.

Last month mud was thrown in all directions. We were told that Jersey’s lawyers are running a cartel, that the Planning Department’s corrupt, that Syvret was still tipping toys out the cot about a fair hearing, and that people who pay towards their child’s education (in addition to what comes out of their ITIS contributions) can pay more. Consequently, Islanders have reacted – set off like fireworks. They have come down on both sides, and the blogs have gone nuts.

You don’t get militant gradually. Militancy just happens. Having lived patiently under ‘the cloud’, something fairly innocuous will get on your wick, triggering a mist to descend. You’ll turn green and muscley, split your work suit, leap into the air, and look for the nearest traffic warden to ‘play’ with.

Each new month brings further tales of woe. The temptation to wade in (whether on a blog, in conversation with friends, or even strangers) is huge. The problem is that not everyone who reaches breaking point has taken the opportunity to first consider the facts. It only takes one person with a caber-sized chip on their shoulder to butcher a healthy debate.