Miso cod, cucumber & sea vegetables With wakame dusted jersey royals

Miso cod, cucumber & sea vegetables With wakame dusted jersey royals

For the cod…
200G piece of cod loin (per portion)
60G white miso paste
25Ml mirin
25Ml lemon juice

Sea vegetables & cucumber…
20G wakame seaweed
60G samphire or land seaweed (okahijiki)
1/2 Cucumber
1Tsp miso marinade
Black pepper

For the jr’s…
20G wakame seaweed
100G jersey royal potatoes (per portion)

For the cod…
Mix the white miso, lemon juice & mirin into a smooth paste, spread on top of each cod portion about 2mm thick, place on a non-stick tray and into the fridge for 2 hrs. (Or as long as you have, even if it’s just 20 mins)
To cook place in a pre-heated oven at 185°c with a knob of butter on each of cod pieces for around 8-10 minutes.

For the sea vegetables & cucumber
Cover the dried wakame with warm water to re-hydrate, remove and discard any thicker, tough stems from the wakame, once rehydrated strain off the water keeping about 100ml of it to mix with the 1 tsp of miso marinade to make a stock and set aside, with the cucumber peel off the skin and discard, continue peeling the paler flesh to create delicate ribbons, stop when you start to see the seedy centre. Now picking samphire, like when trimming the stalks off asparagus to leave only the tender tips, you need to pick through the samphire in a similar way to remove the most tender parts (it can be a little woody at the base) once ready set aside with the cucumber ribbons, wakame, miso stock and butter.

For the potatoes…
Blitz the dried wakame to a powder (removing any stalks if you see any), pass through a fine sieve and set aside for dusting over your buttered potatoes. Steam the washed jersey royals until tender and toss in butter.

Bring it together…
With only 2 minutes to go until your cod loin and potatoes are ready prepare your warm salad, in a medium hot sauté pan place the samphire and half the miso stock to steam it, add more if required (you do not want the samphire to dry out but also you do not want too much liquid either) sauté for about a minute until tender then add a good knob of butter, the wakame and cucumber ribbons and a few turns of black pepper, bring together until the butter has created an emulsion with the pan juice and the seaweed and cucumber have warmed through.

You are ready to plate up and enjoy!

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