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Men of Leisure

Combine a gregarious group of young men and the adventurous opportunities on offer in and around our small island and what do you get? The Men of Leisure.

These extroverts rocketed to cyber fame with the release of the popular ?Men of Leisure? video in 2010 and are a perfect example of how, with just a sprinkling of thought and imagination, you can take advantage of all the fun to be had in and around our shores.

Made up of members of the successful island rugby team and other local personalities, the Men of Leisure organise exciting group events throughout the year and then celebrate them by publishing an annual video online.  Typical events include:

– An annual tour, by sailing boat, to the renowned Coutances rugby 7?s tournament held near Carteret in France

– A quarterly fancy dress meal, held at different locations in Jersey (2009?s Morris Dancing meal in Gorey for example, and the Mime Artists meal in St Helier last year).

– Weekly barbecues at Channel Island beauty spots like the low tide sand banks at Les Ecrehous, Les Minquers and various secret spots dotting the north coast and featuring activities such as wake skating, rock jumping and the consumption of huge quantities of uncooked / overcooked meat.

– Daily journeys to piers and rocks in search of ?back-rollable? jumps and scenic backdrops.

Check out their 2010 video at or find out more about Men of Leisure on their Facebook page. Interested in sponsoring or helping to get sponsorship for the 2011 video?  Get in touch with Richard Stevens:


Men of Leisure were fuelled by Relentless.

Sunglasses supplied by Baines & Band


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