Gary, Sophie-Lea & Bently

Gary               Human
Sophie-Lea    Human
Bently            Wee-Chon (Westie/Bichon Frise)

Gary               21
Sophie-Lea    21
Bently            16 weeks

Gary               The day after deadline at Gallery when I can finally relax!
Sophie-Lea    Shopping and a glass of wine
Bently            Robbing anything I can get my paws on (shorts, socks, plastic bottles) and hiding it in my bed!!

If you could be any human or animal:
Gary               A meerkat… Because they make me laugh.
Sophie-Lea    Bently.  Because he has such a nice life!
Bently            Usain Bolt. Because I love to run but only for a short distance, then I just want to sleep.

Gary               The sound of people eating.
Sophie-Lea    Brussel sprouts and hangovers. Just mentioning them in the same sentence freaks me out.
Bently            Being wet, it drives me mad!  

Gary               A Range Rover Sport
Sophie-Lea    A holiday.
Bently            To grow as big as Plato (the Gallery office dog).  Oh and world peace of course.

Fascinating facts:
Gary               I can’t burp (Honestly, I really can’t!)
Sophie-Lea    I have been to 28 different countries… and counting.
Bently            I’m one of the only two Wee-chons in Jersey  

Most impressive thing ever done:
Gary              Travelled the world for just under a year with my two best friends.
Sophie-Lea    I have wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a little girl, I have achieved it by qualifying with a level 3 and I love my job now.
Bently            Learned to jump off the sofa last week!

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