FeaturesMe & My Pet Kelly, Oscar & Humphrey

Me & My Pet Kelly, Oscar & Humphrey

Oscar: Cockerpoo
Humphrey: Russian Tortoise
Kelly: Female/human

Oscar: 11 months
Humphrey: 4 years
Kelly: 23

Oscar: Everyone and everything.
Humphrey: Dandelions, petals and the garden
Kelly: Travelling, food, champagne, and time at home with the family.

Oscar: Being told what to do.
Humphrey: Being picked up, or other tortoises getting in the way of my dinner.
Kelly: Coriander and sprouts.

If human/animal you would be:
Oscar: I think Jim Carrey, mad, fast funny and attention seeking.
Humphrey: Arnie, because then I’d be big and strong.
Kelly: I think a cat, their lives are chilled they sleep, eat, go out, etc whenever they want.

Oscar: Everyone permanently around him, throwing balls, chasing him around the garden and turkey ham!
Humphrey: To constantly bask in the sunshine.
Kelly: More holidays, more money, more champagne. I also think it would be pretty cool if the week evened itself out a bit more – four days at work, three day weekends maybe!?   Seems fairer to me.

Interesting facts:
Oscar: Cockerpoos are not a registered breed in the UK but are in the US.
Humphrey: Russian tortoises can swim and love to climb.
Kelly: I can’t do a lot of things that are in odd numbers!

Most impressive thing ever done:
Oscar: I can open my baby gate and I can nearly jump over it!
Humphrey: Pushed my water bowl along the floor.
Kelly: A sky dive from 15,000ft – pretty impressive if you ask me!


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