Me & My Pet: Juliana & Alfie

Juliana: Human
Alfie: Staffordshire bull terrier

Juliana: 22
Alfie: 6 months

Juliana:  Surfing, socalising and walking Alfie
Alfie: Cuddles with mum and playing with my toys

Juliana: People who don?t pick up after their dogs!
Alfie: Cats that pick on me

If you could be any animal or human…
Juliana:  I?d be Alfie as he?s awesome!
Alfie: Michael Caine, my namesake aka the ladies man!

Juliana:  I want people to understand Staffys and not judge them, it?s all on the owner!
Alfie:  More cuddles and for people to stop judging my breed!

Interesting facts
Juliana: Travelled the world by the age of 22
Alfie: I snore like a fully grown man

Most impressive thing done
Juliana: Bungy jumped in New Zealand / sledged down a live volcano in Nicaragua
Alfie: Pooped out a plectrum….