me & my pet: Hannah, Marley & Leo

Hannah: Human
Marley / Leo: Goldendoodle (golden retriever crossed with poodle)

Age :
Hannah: 30
Marley: 20 months
Leo: 9 months

Hannah: Cosy nights in on the sofa with a movie, the mutts and my other half.
Marley: Burping loudly. Cucumber. Being blow dried after a bath.
Leo: Balls! Any type, any size… I?m not fussy.

Hannah: Bad manners, please and thank you cost you nothing.
Marley: Having my legs brushed every day and Leo not sharing the balls.
Leo: Having to share my balls and having my ears cleaned.

If you could be any animal or human:
Hannah: Marley, so laid back he?s almost horizontal!
Marley: With this afro… someone from the Jackson Five!
Leo:  I am one of a kind.

Hannah: My business Kitchen Care Limited to keep on growing and be the best in Jersey.
Marley: To grow as big as Plato the Gallery Magazine dog!
Leo: Winston the cat to keep still so I can lick his ears

Interesting facts:
Hannah:  I own my own business which is unique to Jersey as I am the only woman in Jersey to offer domestic appliance repairs. It?s been hard work but it?s definitely been worth it.
Marley: Pooed out a whole crab once (albeit a small one).
Leo:  I can wave bye bye, does that count?

Most impressive thing done:
Hannah: Having the guts to go it alone and create Kitchen Care.
Marley: I did a dive bomb into Queen?s Valley reservoir when I was little. My mummy had a mental breakdown on the bank thinking I would drown.
Leo: Removed a stair gate that was attached to the wall and dragged it into another room.