me & my pet – Brendan & Rosie

Brendan: 34
Rosie: 22
Brendan: Thai Green Curry.
Rosie: My ball, long walks and my teddies, oh and ice cream
Brendan: Queueing, tailgating and people who don?t tip
Rosie: Skateboards, having a bath and hair dryers
If you could be any animal or human…
Brendan: Rosie as she sleeps all day and is always so chilled out
Rosie: To be the cat in Coronation Street
Brendan: More holidays and sunshine
Rosie: More ice cream, more chicken dinners and to win more competitions
Interesting facts
Brendan: I was trained to be a holiday rep for Club 18-30 but came to Jersey instead
Rosie: I can sit, beg and play dead on command
Most impressive thing ever done
Brendan: Sky dived twice over Jersey and fed the orangutans in Borneo
Rosie: In my first dog competition I won two prizes – 1st place for ?Best Eyes? and 2nd place for ?Waggly Tail?.