me & my pet – Anne, Gerald, Winston & Porche

We were so excited to get Winston the Great Dane and his family in the magazine this month because he was the biggest dog we had ever seen! If you look at the white dog Porche on the right, she is a huge Great Dane, so by comparisson Winston is ginormous!

Winston: Harlequin Great Dane.
Porche: Great Dane (possibly an albino).
Anne: Female/human.
Gerald: Male/human.

Winston: 3yrs 9mths.
Porche: 8yrs 3mths.
Anne: two and a half years older than Gerald! [in doggy years] work it out?
Gerald: 39yrs old.

Winston: Playing with his ball
Porche: Playing with my lead and destroying it!
Anne: Lazy days at home.
Gerald: Gadgets.

Winston: Anything strange…big baby.
Porche: I hate other dogs.
Anne: People who are cruel to animals.
Gerald: Crowded places .

If human/animal you would be :
Winston: Rugby player for Winston.
Porche: I believe being able to see her toy boy would be her wish.
Anne: A cat that slept all day and had fun at night.
Gerald: Would prefer being a bird and travel all over the world.

Winston: Lots of cuddles and fuss.
Porche: Gentle hands.
Anne: To do some traveling.
Gerald: To see the universe.

Interesting facts:
Winston & Porche: We’re both rescue dogs, sadly Porche was a cruelty case and Winston unwanted and in need of a home.
Anne: I used to care for just over 200 animals at my home.
Gerald: I have Dyslexia.

Most impressive thing ever done:
Winston: I pounce on the ball like a cat – very impressive.
Porche: I’ve learnt through sound and words how to walk around objects, the command ‘come to me’ and know when to turn corners.
Anne: Winning the Castle to Harbour swim race, the Green Island to Havre des Pas race and getting best performance trophy all in
the same year.
Gerald: Getting my City & Guilds in electronics.

All the dogs Anne helps to rehome, including Porche and Winston are saved by a wonderful lady in Sheffield called Pat. She rescues as many dogs as possible from being put to sleep and cares for them until Sue from Guernsey Animal Aid can collect them and look after them before they find new homes, so a big thank-you to them both.