FeaturesMe and my Pet: Emma & Will

Me and my Pet: Emma & Will

Emma Human
Will Maine Coon



Emma  25

Will 1 years old



Emma  My Mini Cooper and summer BBQs 

Will Water and playing in my cat paddling pool with sister Grace!



Emma  When Will & Grace keep me up all night 

Will Being caught playing on the snooker table


If you could be any human or animal:  

Emma  Will!

Will A snooker player 



Emma  To win an Olympic medal one day

Will  To be fast enough to catch a bird


Fascinating facts: 

Emma  I have a Chinese driving licence 

Will  I will not stop growing until I am 3 years old  (I am quite large for my age already!)


Most impressive thing ever done:

Emma Surviving my first cat show with Will & Grace!

Will Slept for 24 hours solid without even moving to eat!

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