Matthew and Buster (Buzzy)



Matthew Human

Buzzy  Working Cocker Spaniel



Matthew 23

Buzzy 16 months old



Matthew  Spending time with people close to me 

Buzzy  Running on the beach chasing birds (the flying type)



Matthew  Being given orders

Buzzy  Chappie dog food and when other dogs take my ball on the beach


If you could be any human or animal:  

Matthew  Cheetah

Buzzy  I would be a chef in a Michelin star restaurant so I could sneakily eat a lot of yummy food



Matthew  To be successful

Buzzy  To become a dad; people tell me I’m gorgeous on a daily basis so I want to spread the genes.


Fascinating facts: 

Matthew  I once paraglided the biggest sea cliff in Europe

Buzzy  The origins of the Spaniel are quite clearly held in its name. The word spaniel comes from the word “Espagnol” which means Spanish from where all of the Spaniel breeds hold their origins. The word “Cocker” relates to the breed’s heritage and its use for hunting woodcock pigeons


Most impressive thing ever done:

Matthew  Surprised my mum last Christmas with Buzzy as a present

Buzzy  Chewed a whole sofa to pieces