Maison Bonvin, a specialist wine shop, is set to officially open its doors on Saturday 18th October. No grand opening however would be complete without a launch event – and this one intends to run for the entire week – canapés and all!

On meeting business partners and co-owners’ Edyta and Aurelien Buard – a French and Polish duo – I’m instantly intrigued by their roles. Aurelien, who holds a WSET degree in alcohols and over 15 years’ of experience in the industry, looks after the product development side of the company, whilst Edyta, an MBA graduate specialising in business development, focuses on the brand’s online and offline marketing. Just like the products they stock, Edyta and Aurelien perfectly complement one and other.

So why did they decide to open Maison Bonvin?

Last year, we re-opened Trinity village store under the name of Le Shop – its success is one of the reasons we decided to open a more specialised outlet. We also launched the French wine website two years ago. Maison Bonvin felt like a natural road to take.

You’ve chosen to open the new premises in Liberty Wharf Shopping Centre, what makes it such a great location?

Liberty Wharf is such an iconic Jersey landmark – we couldn’t wish for a better place. We were lucky enough to find the right sized shop with the right ‘micro climate’ for the wine, and also, a space that is easily accessible.’

The shop itself will promote an in depth French culture – a life style that is greatly enjoyed by the Islanders. ‘All products come from France and French territories and are produced, matured and bottled in France. Our winemakers are very often featured in the French Wine Guide ‘Hachette’, a publication that sets the standards in French wine making.

Maison Bonvin works with various vineyards and winemakers, many of which are lesser known to the British public, which is mainly down to the limited number of bottles they produce. In order to foster such products, Edyta and Aurelian have a number of promotions in the pipeline, including those from a growing group of French women-winemakers.

When I ask Edyta and Aurelian whether they themselves have any favourite products, they reply with a simple yes. Some of the latest products to hit the shelves include German Breton champagne, Sibell crisps and Savoie wine. Another favourite of ours is Alsatian wine – unfortunately it’s hard to get a hold of!

All wine offers different sensory characteristics, and in order to create the desirable effect; they should be matched to individual preferences, the occasion and the food. French wine accompanies everything from chocolate, to Asian food and even bangers and mash, which is when knowing a little about the product certainly comes in handy. Thankfully, at Maison Bonvin, recommendations on both the wine and flow freely.

What makes Maison Bonvin different?

We’re a French wine house. Unlike our other outlet, food will play a less important role here; the main focus will fall on the wine. Our aim is to educate others on the exoticness of many of the French wine available. We will also deliver goods on request when customers’ spend over £40 and organize wine tastings as a part of the shopping experience. Customers will even be able to book private tastings for the likes of corporate events. All information will be published on our website and Facebook page.

As for the style and feel of the shop, Maison Bonvin will be divided into three areas: the first will boast a more urban style, comprising products such as beers and French liquors, as well as a number current promotions. The second will resemble a local French winery with price tags ranging from £4.99 to £200 per bottle and the third will showcase wine tastings, as well as some of the more expensive vintages and champagnes.

From extremely affordable table wine to high end and special occasions’ gifts, Maison Bonvin has something to suit all and the best bit, it’s located bang in the centre of town!

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