We went along to Snowbombing last month with this beard and its owner, Martyn Sansom. The beard certainly made himself known, dragging Martyn off the kicker naked in the pro-am. I think it must work like the mask in ?The Mask?. Screams of ?Maaaartttynnn? from the MC and the crowd ensured that the he and the beard were cemented in Snowbombing 2011 history. So why has Martyn decided to add this facial adornment at the grand old age of 25? Why for charity, of course.

Martyn will be growing this beast for the next few weeks until mid-May and the day of the Siam Cup.The day of the match Martyn is planning to cut his hair to a number 2 and dye the beard red and white. If you?re going to the rugby, you?re unlikely to miss him,

As 48% of you will know, growing a beard is a pain in the face. It?s like Movember, but massive. If you?d like to empathise or just love beards, pop across to Justgiving and reward Marytn for his dedication to facial hair. All monies raised will be going to Headway Jersey.