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From buying off-plan to upgrading our homes rather than upping sticks, the trend to ‘improve not move’ might see more of us living in a bit of a building site.  And if your New Year’s resolution was to finally do something about that extension, then you’ll be happy about the changes to Jersey’s planning process.

Some planning decisions in Jersey are going to get quicker following changes to the system introduced by Minister for Planning and Environment, Deputy Rob Duhamel who said ‘My department has listened to customer feedback and tried to make changes to the way in which we work so that we can provide people in Jersey with a faster, more efficient planning process. We will review these changes on a regular basis to ensure they are improving the service we offer’.

Changes include an 8-week target for smaller domestic applications and new technology allowing the public to view plans and comment online.  According to the Minister, the changes to the planning process are aimed at enabling people to be able to adjust their properties to their requirements without having to move home.

Architects across the island are welcoming the decision. The President of the Association of Jersey Architects, Paul Harding said, ‘The AJA has been lobbying for some time to achieve improvements to the Planning process and we are pleased to see our new Environment Minister has taken our suggestions on board.’ Developments include shorter 8-week targets for smaller applications and a new online system which goes live shortly and will allow applications to be made online, and for the general public to view plans and proposals and comment online.

‘The ability for the general public to view application plans online is an important step in making the planning system more open and accessible. This is particularly valuable provision for neighbours and will save them the need to visit South Hill to inspect details of any application that may affect them.’

So there you are.  Always fancied turning that rickety shed at the end of the garden into a showroom-style carport fit for a couple of supercars? This could be your chance…


“Changes include an 8-week target for smaller domestic applications and new technology allowing the public to view plans and comment online.”


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