Justin Pearson

Justin Pearson, writer & director of Tango! Tango!

Q What?s your favourite attraction in jersey?
A The Opera House ? I have so many good memories of performing opera and concerts in this wonderful venue.

Q Do you like fairground rides, if so what?s your favourite?
A I am nervous of fairgrounds ever since I went on a contraption called the ?Rib Tickler? in Edinburgh a few years ago. Most of us felt, or got sick, and it didn?t feel too much like fun.

Q Do you believe that opposites attract?
A Not necessarily. In terms of relationships, here has to be tension to preserve attraction.
In the kitchen, sweet and sour are not
always compatible.

Q Who would be your ideal man/ woman?
A Female ? Katherine Jenkins for the body, Clara Schumann for the brain. Male – Gandhi or Mandela for the mind, Gordon Brown for
the body.

Q In Fatal Attraction Glenn Close boiled a bunny, what would you boil?
A My socks, after a 100 mile walk.