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Joanna Gierszewsica

Joanna Gierszewsica

Deloitte & Touche LLP, Audit Associate

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Tell us about your working day…

Breakfast is the important meal of the day, as ahead of me there is a long day, full of attractions. I love the fact that my position offers a career with abundance of opportunities. I like challenges and my role will always provide new and exciting projects. In addition, it is highly rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable. Deloitte has a history of excellence and its worldwide prominent presence was all important to me.

The only one constant factor in this job is change. If you search for routine this job is not for you – every day is different from the previous one. Audit offers a fantastic chance to meet a lot of new people, as we work in a variety of different businesses. As an auditor I get the rare opportunity to work in a number of different client environments. For any young person it is an eye opening experience. Jersey is a unique place where we have world class companies within walking distance. This makes auditing work in Jersey so exceptional.

Auditing is a long process, divided into several stages. Preparation work is conducted prior to visiting the client?s office. At the beginning of the process senior managers/directors brief all team members and allocate work. This depends on a lot of factors ?

but as a trainee I do not have to worry about this responsibility! Lengths of audits can vary, but usually last for a week or two. At the beginning I was petrified with the scale of work to do, but with the help of my colleagues I soon settled in and feel that I can now contribute to the team effort.

Exceptional Teamwork
Cooperation is a key word in progression of the work, success of the company and personal development. Members of the team change on every job ? so I will work with most of the 90 local Deloitte?s individuals. My first impression of Deloitte (from the interview!) was that it is a very friendly environment. First impression lasts long ?

and here there are helpful hands around. The Firm provides all possible assistance for improvement and shows genuine interest in people development. I have received a lot of support and inspiration from everyone.

There is lively social club and frequent charity events. Since joining in January I haven?

t managed to explore all options yet (there are so many!) but I am going to get more involved.  I have even baked cakes to support our chosen charity of the year.

Work at Deloitte is busy but an exciting journey, which provides me with a firm foundation for life.

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