Jersey Live

Jersey Live

The line up has been announced for the best music festival in Jersey. Once again the Warrens have booked some of the best up and coming acts.

This month we will be covering the up and coming acts playing at Jersey Live this year. Over the next two months we will have more information on the full line up and coverage on this years biggest event. Next months issue will profile other bands that are set to play.

Who Are They?:
Yannis Philippakis – Guitar/Vocals
Edwin Congreave – Keyboards
Walter Gervers – Bass
Jimmy Smith – Guitar
Jack Bevan – Drums

Where Are They From?:
Foals are a five-piece dance-rock band currently living in their home town Oxford. Yannis, Edwin, Walter, Jimmy and Jack all met in their natvie city where they bonded over a shared sense of humour. Bored with the interchangeable electro records they heard at every party, they decided to make the kind of music they wanted to dance to.

What Do They Sound Like?:
Foals are a band that does not sound like anyone else. The band bring together the unknown genre ?math rock? and mix it together with dance and indie. Foals? nano-tech precision is a result of Yannis? obsession with sonic tidiness an the reductive approach of minimalist American composer Steve Reich, the man who introduced the concept of minimalism to popular music in the 60s and 70s.

?We?re different to the other bands out there. We?re trying to do something fresh that doesn?t just set out to rehash music from ten years ago. Well, we might have a go at ripping some techno off, but translating that into guitars is something that not many other people are doing.?

Who Are They?:
Kissy Sell Out (Tommy Bisdee) is a DJ-producer and graphic designer from the UK who quickly hgained notoriety in 2006/07 in the Uk for his eccentric productions and energetic DJ style.

What Do They Sound Like?:
He?s remixed everyone from Mark Ronson to Bloc Party but he?s got strange influences for a dance producer. Kissy likes grunge bands such as Sonic Youth and a lot of Goth bands.  His influences play a part in his love for perverting dance music?s straight 4/4 beats. A lot of his music is off beat and is made to recreate the feeling of wanting to go crazy.

?I used to go to see lots of bands in Essex, and you used to get loads of moshing at the front. I used to love that! Not so much punching people in the face, but just pushing people around, it was the most incredible release of frustration and stuff. I just thought it was really, really cool.?

Who Are They?:
Ian Parton – Guitar and Drums
Sam Dook – Guitar, Banjo and Drums
Chi Fukami Taylor – Drums and Vocals
Kaori Tsuchida – Vocals, Guitar and Keyboard
Ninja – Vocals
Jamie Bell – Bass Guitar

Where Are They From?:
The Brighton-based six piece band was started when Guitarist Ian Parton wanted to create music incorporating his favourite things including Sonic Youth-style guitars, double dutch chants and car chase horn music. The band started jamming together and eventually recoded their debut album thunder, Lightning, Strike in their guitarists? parents? kitchen.

What Do They Sound Like?:
The high number of instruments present in the band fuels their high-octane, sampledelic, guitar-meets-hip-hop electronica pieces. Their live band has become a ?seperate entity? to the original studio vision, as the performances becamse radically different from the recordings due to Ninja?s freestyled vocals at each show and seperate members varying their musical parts during shows.

?When we perform live there?s a real visual intensity. There are two girl drummers and we swap instruments all the time. It?s all about surprising people.?

After an extended absence The Music are back on the road and are coming to Jersey Live 2008, bringing with them their new single ?Strength in Numbers?

Who Are They?:
Robert Harvey – Vocals
Adam Nutter – Guitar
Stuart Coleman – Bass Guitar
Phil Jordan – Drums

Where Are They From?:
The band met at Brigshaw High School and started playing together in 1999. Their first single ?Take the Long Road and Walk It? was released two years later and was praised by NME and Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq.

What Do They Sound Like?:
The Music have been praised as sounding like many legendary British rock bands such as, Led Zeppelin, Oasis and U2. Accompanied with their energetic live performances, The Music have been praised as the next big thing.

?As a band, we don?t feel like the music we are hearing and seeing out there is particularly exciting or inspiring. We want to be a part of changing that and hope with our next album we can bring something to the party that isn?t out there at the moment.?

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