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Into the Channel

Mark Errington Presents Into the Channel

The locations may look familiar, you may even know some of the people on screen but what you won’t have seen before is such an in depth documentary about the Jersey surfing scene. With his Highlands National Diploma, experience on a couple of shorts and promotional films and an unrelenting passion for the sport Mark Errington has spent the last two and a half years collecting material for his documentary. Completely self-funded Mark has aimed to leave no stone unturned in his 40 minute investigation of the Jersey surf scene.
I can tell you this certainly isn’t a case of style over substance (Though there certainly is style). Every facet of Jersey surf is covered ranging from experienced pros competing in international competitions such as Ben Skinner and James Hicks all the way down to the grommets learning their trade. Mark tells me of the great support he had from the entire surf community only too happy to see themselves on film. Location wise it’s an odyssey too, giving the viewer access to the tight knit crews at Secrets, The Splash and even inside the Nutz workshop where Ryan Hervé produces the boards that allow people to actually get out there and catch the waves. Maybe most interesting is the look at the history of surfing in Jersey. It’s difficult to imagine a better guide than Gordon Burgess who has experienced the scene develop from boards without fins to the international phenomenon it currently is. There’s all this and a soundtrack of top local bands on top.
Mark is completely focused on his career as a surf filmmaker even if it means he is stuck holding the camera instead of getting out in the water and getting on the waves. Though it has reduced his time on the board he admits that it has given him a new perspective when it comes to watching surfing. Although he might not be out there as much he’s also keen to point out that sitting in the edit watching endless repeats of some of the island’s best surfers can’t help but improve your technique.
The film is being premiered at the Secret’s Book Launch party at The Splash on the 27th of November and should be available from the island’s many fine surf shops as well as direct from Mark at
If you see him next time you’re down the beach why not try out that totally radical 360° aerial cutback you’ve been working on. You never know, you might make it into the sequel.

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