Ian, Tsar & Zion

Ian, Tsar & Zion

Ian:       Human of sorts
Tsar:     Leonberger
Zion:     Leonberger

Ian:       Too old to worry about it
Tsar:     28 months
Zion:     28 months

Ian:       Music of the 60s ….. and an understanding partner!
Tsar:     Helping to raise awareness of other animals not as fortunate as myself.
Zion:     Lots of cuddles

Ian:       Ballet and Opera – I know that makes me a heathen in some people’s eyes.
Tsar:     Being told off for rooting in the rubbish bin.
Zion:     Being left out of anything.

If you could be any human or animal:
Ian:       Either of my dogs – they get pampered and loved to death in equal quantities.
Tsar:     Steve McQueen – a real Great Escape Artist …. and he is also nearly as good looking as me!
Zion:     Don’t want to be a human – they don’t cuddle others enough!

Ian:       Another Leonberger – they say ‘one is never enough’ (I really should have paid more attention at school in the Maths lesson, maybe then I could count properly).
Tsar:     Everyone to come and support the Channel 103 Animal Shelter Dog Walk on November 7th. It’s a full day – especially if it is not raining – but with my fur coat on I don’t mind what the weather is doing.
Zion:     It not to rain as hard as it did on the last Channel 103 Animal Shelter Dog Walk!

Fascinating facts:
Ian:       Won the Bronze Medal for Archery at the Gotland Island Games 1999 .                          
Tsar:     Helped raise over £1000 for the Animal Health Trust at Jersey Race Club Derby Day earlier this year.
Zion:     I’m one of only 12 Leonbergers living in Jersey and every two weeks we get as many of us together as possible and do a Sunday morning walk along one of our many wonderful beaches and then head back to a cafe for breakfast… and cuddles!

Most impressive thing ever done:
Ian:       Built a vintage car from a box of bits – literally.
Tsar:     Just been awarded 1st place in the Novice Group at the Leonberger Club of Great Britain Championship Show so beating my brother (and my Dad’s Bronze Medal position).
Zion:     Just been awarded 2nd place in the Novice Group at the Leonberger Club of Great Britain Championship Show – ‘I had to let my brother win or else I would not have heard the last of it’… I got more cuddles!

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