Storming well into their second year, Hustle has just launched a second residency in Guernsey at the end of January and has no plans to slow down. The ?littlest big? night is set to get bigger this year. Introducing a few new faces to the line up, amidst popular regulars; Lottie is first in the line up for 2009. 


She played this time last year for those of you lucky enough to attend. A child of the 80s, her inspiration came from electronic sounds. At 15 she was clubbing, hitting the legendary Haçienda and by the time she reached 21 she hit London. It was the technical side which Lottie was more drawn to as she would watch DJ?s for what they were doing rather than playing.


Fast forward 9 years and Lottie exploded onto the scene by winning Muzik magazine?s Best New DJ award in 1999, which in turn, soon after secured a residency at the now sadly departed Turnmills. Lottie has played all over the world and even hosted Danny Rampling?s ?love groove dance party? on Radio One back in the 90s as well as producing in the studio for many years. Her looks and talent sent her into the world of TV, presenting for MTV at Homelands (2000) and appearing on Channel 4?s award-winning Faking It show as a mentor to a classical musician who was trying to make it as a club DJ.


Lottie has been renowned for her deep dark twisted sound of proper house. Over the years we see that this style has changed slightly, it still holds the big baselines and acid twists of course but the sound is more teasing, building the crowd into a frenzy, with tough and techy house and  funky sounds thrown in. 


Room two will be the stage for Fuzzbox v?s Rocksteady, this will entail all sorts of music from funk to hip hop to breaks and of course house!


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