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Harry Foster Advanced Vision Care

Harry Foster Advanced Vision Care

Mr CT Pillai, medical director and lead surgeon of Harley Street clinic Advanced Vision Care answers some frequently asked questions about vision correction treatment.

I’ve been told I’m not suitable for laser – does that mean I can’t have any treatment? Not at all. That was the case in the past but developments in vision correction treatment have come on in leaps and bounds since then.


I’m fed up of wearing one pair of glasses for distance and another for reading and I don’t want varifocals – is there any treatment for it? Clear Lens Exchange does what was previously impossible – correct both long and short sight at the same time. This means an end to juggling two pairs of glasses or wearing varifocal glasses, which many people find tricky to manage.


What does it cost? To make our treatments accessible to all we have a range of 0% finance and deferred payment plans so you don’t have to wait to free yourself from glasses or contact lenses. In fact, there will be some great money-saving offers only to those who come along on the night. You may be surprised at just how affordable treatment can be, and when you consider that it’s an investment that lasts a lifetime it’s money very well spent.


Is it safe and will it hurt? There really is nothing to worry about. Treatment is over so quickly – within around half an hour – then you’re back on your way home before you know it. We use only the most advanced techniques and technology that have been proved without a shadow of a doubt to be clinically safe, and all our procedures are performed using anaesthetic drops so that you won’t feel a thing.


Just how good will my vision be afterwards? Amazing! It’s no exaggeration when our patients describe their experience of vision correction as “life-changing” – the results really are that outstanding. 100% of our patients achieve driving standard eyesight after treatment but 95% of them go beyond that to achieve 20/20 vision. When you are short-sighted it’s hard to imagine being able to see everything in such razor- sharp detail and brilliant colours, but that is what you can expect.


Mr Pillai and his team will be at Harry Foster Opticians in St Helier on Wednesday 25 July for an open evening of information and exclusive money-saving offers.


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