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Grow your Mo!

705315_394012574012921_2128186044_oKNOW BEFORE YOU MO!
So, you’ve registered for Movember. Know the rules of the road and choose your moustache weapon. No Mo, No Mercy.
There are a few Mo growing rules that will be key as you embark on your moustache journey. Thinking you need a head start on growing your Mo? Think again. All men must ‘Shave the Date’ and begin clean-shaven on Movember 1st, then grow just a moustache for the month – no beards, no goatees. Remember, Gen Mo will always act as a generation of true gentlemen.
Check out the Style Guide online to help you choose what Mo to rock for your 30 wild nights and hairy days of Movember – grow and groom dutifully. Can’t decide which Mo to grow? Enlist your friends and Mo Sistas to help you choose. Better yet, give styling privileges to the Mo Bro or Mo Sista who donates the most money to your team. Which brings us neatly too…..

You’ve joined Generation Moustache and the power of your Mo is infinite, but you shouldn’t fight the good fight alone. Remember, there’s strength in numbers. Assemble your crew of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to work together as one united force. Enlist your friends, family and coworkers to join you this Movember and together we can change the face of men’s health.

Think you can compete with the best? No greater honour can be bestowed upon a Mo Bro and it comes at the end of the toughest of gentlemanly battles. At the close of Movember, participating countries put forward their official Man of Movember from each Gala Parté for judging by an expert panel of Mo Bros. A decision is then made and a Mo Bro is crowned International Man of Movember for the year. In addition to the title, they also receive a prize well worth their efforts. Jersey has held a Gala Parté for the last few years at The Royal Yacht in the first week of December, all Mo bros and Mo Sistas are mo’ than welcome!

Find out More here: facebook Movember Jersey 2013  and ‘ere: uk.movember.com

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