CultureGoWild Gorillas: Lockdown edition

GoWild Gorillas: Lockdown edition

Remember walking about for hours on end, free as a (walking) bird? Remember the summer, when enormous colourful gorillas covered the island? Yep, last year the parishes came alive with the amazing GoWild Gorillas Trail, encouraging us to get out for a walk – and islanders jumped in with both feet.

As we’re all trapped inside for 22 hours a day at the moment, our time for a walk is precious and Durrell are giving us entertainment for little ones and something to guide our walks with the Lockdown edition; Stay Home Gorillas.

If you’ve looked outside, you’ll notice an increase in the number of bewildered looking pedestrians, equidistantly spaced like a herd of Kashmir goats invading a Welsh village with people discovering new walking routes around their immediate environs. To give them some direction, Durell are encouraging our kids (and adults with colouring pencils) to bring the gorilla trail to us; creating a trail of wild windows around Jersey. Sort of like the rainbows that people are producing, but wilder.

Durrell say “All you have to do is create your own gorilla design and display it in your window”. Then take a photo and share it social media with the hashtag #stayhomegorillas. Durrell’s will be picking their favourites and sharing them on. Get involved kids.

Download the ‘stay home gorillas’ template here.

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