Going Commando – day 8

Day 8: Monday

Location: Aquasplash

Session 5

It’s 7.30am and we’re back in the swimming pool.  Eight warm up lengths are followed by underwater races, and we discover breath control is much harder when you’re out of breath already.  Brick pushes along the bottom of the pool are interspersed with fiendish pool-side planks, reverse planks and a killer of a task – pushing up on the pool edge, locking our arms in place and shuffling the length of the pool and back.  It certainly livens up the lengths for the early morning swimmers in the lanes next to us.

Back to work with a celebratory granola-topped porridge, and we’re feeling good about our exercise routine.  As hard as it is, there’s nothing like having powered up and down the swimming pool to get your working day off to a good start.

What we did

Session 5: Swimming pool

  • Warm up (8 steady lengths, various strokes)
  • Underwater distance challenge
  • Brick push (underwater)
  • Circuit – exercise and swimming stations (plank, reverse plank, press ups, mucle ups.
  • Cool down

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