Going Commando – day 7

Day 7: Sunday

Session 4

Location: Millbrook

Somehow I thought it would be a good plan to have cocktails and stay up late the night before our big Millbrook session.  Bad idea.  My queasy sense of panic in the run up to each session is even queasier than normal, and my training partner (who stayed smugly teetotal all night) now gets to watch me turn green as Adam sends us commando training round Millbrook field.  Sprint! Down! Back! Belly! Up! Sprint! all delivered in boot camp-style barks.  And that’s just the warm-up.  Assault courses, tyre-dragging races, pull-ups and press-ups follow swiftly on, and just when we think it’s all over, Adam heads out to the beach carrying a couple of medicine balls.  A dizzying couple of reps of plank positions, twists and medicine ball slams (top tip: imagine your medicine ball hitting your trainer’s head instead of the sand…) and then we’re off for a run along the sand to the start of the Trim Trail.  Activities are interspaced with bursts of sprints to the next apparatus, and it’s amazing how you can actually get your breath back while you’re running.  I’ve done a bit of jogging – mainly just to give my iPod a bit of an outing – but this is completely different.  Adam explains how lifting my knees just a touch higher can lengthen my stride, making my running faster and more efficient.  It works, and amazingly we trim trail it all the way back to Millbrook. And ok, we’re puffing and panting and attracting those sympathetic wincing ‘glad I’m not you’ looks from dog walkers, but we get there.  Just when we think we’re in for a sit down, Adam gets us to do suckers.  They’re as bad as they sounds.  Finally stretching out on the grass of Millbrook has never felt so good.  Bed early.

What we did

Session 4: Millbrook (Military Fitness Session)

  • Warm up (gradual build up to dynamic stretching and peripheral heart action)
  • Tyre flips
  • Load carry circuit (tyre drags, log carry, jerry can run)
  • Assault course
  • Medicine ball circuit (slams, twists and planks)
  • Steady paced run
  • Cool down and stretch

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