Going Commando - day 3

Going Commando – day 3

Day 3: Wednesday

Location: Aquasplash

How hard can it be, I think as I cycle to the Aquasplash pool.  We’re in a pool for goodness sake. With normal people around.  Surely we can’t have any running-up-sand-dunes-type antics in a pool. Can we?   Adam’s striding up and down the pool in a t-shirt that says ‘harder, faster, stronger’ on the back.  That’s a clue.

We push rubber bricks along the bottom of the pool in some kind of underwater torture session, then surface, spluttering and gasping only to face press ups on the side in between lengths.  We row our way to the end and back, balancing our bottoms on a float, much to the hilarity of the regular length-swimmers who swim sedately past us without breaking a sweat.  Everything’s pushed to the max, and just when you think your arms won’t last another second, Adam sends you back up to the deep end.  Swimming underwater is a real personal challenge. I’m never going to make a Royal Marine… but I finish the session having done things I never thought I’d be able to do. The end of the session hot shower feels like the best shower I’ve ever had.

What we did – session 3 – swimming pool

  • Warm up (8 steady lengths, various strokes)
  • Underwater distance challenge
  • Brick push (underwater)
  • Circuit – exercise and swimming stations (included, tricep dips, press ups, muscle ups)
  • Cool down

For more details about Adam’s personal training courses, give him a call on 07797 743742 or check out his Facebook page AMPM Training

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