Going Commando - day 19

Going Commando – day 19

Day 19: Friday

Session 10: Waterfront

‘Ground, pound and hit the ground’

Ah, our first boxing session.  And what better way to get our revenge on our personal trainer by pummeling him mercilessly?  It was a good plan, but it seems like Adam’s got wind of it, and we arrive at the grass space at the Waterfront to find he’s laid out a circuit to test our mettle.  After our warm-ups, we take it in turns to throw punches at Adam and his pads, changing positions and speed while the other tackles an array of arm-destroying exercises.  Skipping, ‘ground and pound’ (that’s a technical term…), dumbbell punches, shuttles and press-ups in a relentless circuit designed to tone down our killer right hooks.  And just when we think we’re winning – Adam cranks up the pressure. While we’re punching, he gets us to drop to the ground and then agonizingly crawl back up to a standing position ready for more punches.  By the end, our arms are giving way.  We’re early evening entertainment for the gin and tonic-drinking luxury apartment-dwellers overlooking the park, as we stagger, sweat-soaked and mud-stained round the grass for our cool-down stroll.  And yes, that certainly got us working!

What we did

Session 10 – Waterfront park (Boxing Circuit)

  • Warm up (dynamic stretching, pulse raisers, liveners, mobility and shuttles)
  • Circuit (30second & 1minute rounds, pad work, skipping, ground and pound, dumbbell punches, shuttles, press ups, Russian twists)
  • Cool down
  • Stretches

For more details about Adam’s personal training courses, give him a call on 07797 743742 or check out his Facebook page AMPM Training


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