Going Commando – day 2

Day 2: Tuesday

Location: St Ouen


This session is tough. Really tough. We meet Adam in the car park at La Braye and jog with weighted bags over to the big sand dune.  Yep, this is definitely going to put me off the sand dunes forever, I can just feel it.  Sprinting up and down the dune is bad enough but then Adam racks up the pressure with a fiendish exercise that involves us taking turns to run the powerbag halfway up the dune and then retrieve it.  Our legs have turned to jelly and our hearts literally feel like they’re going to burst out of our chests.  It’s hell. And we’ve got another eight weeks of this?

A brief burst of euphoria as we make everyone turn green with tales of our superhuman exploits turns to crushing exhaustion.  Tomorrow’s our first pool session, and it’s the last thing on earth I feel like.  I panic I won’t be able to do anything.  What if my muscles seize up and I just can’t move?  Maybe I should just cancel…

What we did – Session 2 – St Ouen

  • Warm up (MSFT)
  • Run to training area with powerbag (weighted training bag)
  • Hill sprints (in soft sand)
  • Shuttles with powerbag (in soft sand)
  • Cool down – Return to start location slow jog/walk, stretches

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