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Jersey Oak
Summer’s just around the corner which means soon enough you’ll want to invite your loved ones round for a cocktail or five in the garden. But seriously… don’t you think it’s time you ditched those old garden chairs and bought some suitably sturdy yet effortlessly stylish furniture that’ll get them all talking?
A must see for anyone with a love of fine Jersey craftsmanship (which I assume to be everyone…) Jersey Oak pride themselves in producing bespoke handmade furniture for inside and outside the home. The world of oak is totally your oyster; you can design the table, chair, fireplace (the list goes on) of your dreams whilst being absolutely satisfied that you will end up with the highest quality product available on the market. Plus, they’re pure Jersey.
Each unique piece is designed and crafted on the island, hewn from huge beams of green oak and will change appearance over several years developing individual characteristics, wearing natural ‘shakes’ and splits with pride as the timber seasons.
Make a statement, make your garden party visions a reality and make a call to Jersey Oak on 07797 888782

Simon Bellwood
Rue de La Forge

Telephone: 07797 888782
Email: info@jerseyoak.com
Website: www.jerseyoak.com

Zoe’s Kitchen
Since it’s the makeover issue, we think it’s apt you check out some fabulous island-made gift ideas so you can patch up any of those pesky relationship problems. Go on, we’re all partial to a good bribe once in a while…
It’s time you escaped the cliché. Yes, flowers look beautiful, they even smell beautiful but nothing tastes as beautiful as a delectable homemade chocolate fudge brownie. We all know that a way to man’s heart is through his stomach (and admittedly, a woman’s) so why not check out Zoe Horne’s outstanding range of baked treats. Using only the finest quality local ingredients in all of her baked goods ensures that all of Zoe’s delights taste just as mouth-wateringly scrummy as they look.
Trust that your request will be in the best hands possible, Zoe trained at the Leith’s School of Food & Wine (yes, that’s a good ‘un) as well as cooking and writing for the food pages at Good Housekeeping Magazine (almost as good as Gallery.)
Whether it’s to say Thank You, Happy Birthday, I Love You or even I Will Try Harder, these treats will be just ideal. You could even be really cheeky and pretend you’ve made them. We won’t say anything… Promise…

Give her a call on 01534 741 862. Shhh!

Zoë Horne
La Route Orange
St Brelade

Mobile: 07829 888 864
Email: zoehorne@live.com
Website: www.zoes-kitchen.com

Praise the jewellery gods that styles have evolved so much since the days we were confined to choosing from classic silver or gold pieces to compliment an outfit. Praise them even more that we don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts for that one statement design! If you’ve found yourself stuck in a dreaded wardrobe rut and fancy pushing the boat out for a totally unique piece of jewellery to make the statement you’re after then check out Christine Witham’s embroidered designs.
An experienced Jersey artist with a growing profile, Christine is all about producing intricate, wearable pieces by hand. Each and every item is crafted using a variety of Christine’s own techniques, which make her so unique to the jewellery market and even more unique to Jersey.
Gone are the days you find yourself, rather embarrassingly, rocking up to a party wearing the same necklace as that one friend you haven’t seen in donkey’s years. Christine ensures that no piece is the same and the sheer number of hours she spends producing such intricate delights will show on the night. Working with materials from silk and lace to spangles and beads, you’ll find your jewellery does all the talking…
If you’re like us, and love the sound of Christine’s Genuine Jersey jewellery company then visit: www.gemstitch.com

Christine Witham
St Ouen


Telephone: 01534 482328
Email: christinewitham@jerseymail.co.uk
Website: www.gemstitch.com

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