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Three Genuine Jersey producers who all understand the importance of evolution in their specific areas.

Holme Grown at Fauvic Nurseries

The origins of the business go back 100 years when William Payn started growing outdoors for export at la Rocque. He also ran a shop and bakery for the local community.

Sales of outdoor tomatoes expanded and so did the Payn business with four generations of the family following the original William. Sadly with the rise of energy prices, the pressure of Multiples to cut prices the profitability of the industry declined and exports ceased in 2007.

Meanwhile from the late 1990’s, Fauvic Nurseries diversified by growing herbs for local retail, hotel and restaurant outlets. The range is extensive with over 30 different cultivars on site either for fresh cut product or pots, which will be the ones you see in most local supermarkets now.

A barrow on the roadside selling our tomatoes, herbs and other salad crops proved so popular that a farm shop was born in 2003, just inside the entrance of the nursery and as they say the rest, is history. The next phase of our development is due to open in time for Spring, be sure to keep an eye out for details on our expansion plans.

Jersey Angus

Richard Lee, of La Caroline Farm in St Peter, is the first one of a small group of cattle farmers based in Jersey who are producing mixed breed, part Jersey cow, part Aberdeen Angus. Jersey Angus cattle are produced from dairy cows no used for breeding replacements to the dairy herd. The animals are reared separate to the dairy herd as it is important to have the correct diet in order to have lean tender meat.

Richard first started farming at La Caroline in 1983 and now has a herd of 220 milking cows and 80 followers, as well as 140 beef animals ranging from freshly born to two years of age. In total 440 animals and the beef numbers are rising all the time.

The locally produced beef first went on sale in 2011 and can now be found in the Grande Marche Stores in St Helier and St Peter, and also County Butchers at Rondels Farm Shop. Jersey Angus Beef is lean and very flavoursome.

President of the Jersey
Fishermans Association

The Jersey Fishermen’s Association was established in 1955. The association to this day represents the professional fleet on the local and international stage.

Our historic fishing industry dates back to the 1800s and the great pioneers who crossed the Atlantic under sail to catch cod and to eventually establish a Jersey community on the Gaspe Peninsular.

In the early 1950s Jersey fishermen pioneered the ‘Channel’ fishery for crab using offshore vivier boats previously unknown outside of Brittany. Those boats went on to exploit new grounds as far north as West Scotland and the Hebrides.

Whilst the methods have changed little over time, consumers’ needs and wants have seen the most notable changes within the industry. People would now rather have their shellfish picked and pre-prepared.

There is also a greater desire to ensure the sustainability of our fish stocks, which means we are more likely to see the MSC brand appearing. The MSC is the world’s leading certification and ecolabelling program for sustainable seafood, of which the Jersey and Normandy lobster is a member.

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