Genuine Art

The Harbour Gallery Jersey is encouraging more islanders to turn to art for their Christmas gift needs this winter, in a bid to support Jersey’s talented local artists and artisans.

Pat Robson, The Harbour Gallery Jersey manager, said: “Art is a unique and personal gift which can bring such joy into a home at this magical time of year. Generally, Christmas can be a quieter time at the Gallery with more shoppers drawn to Christmas markets in St Helier. But many of these market stall-holders actually exhibit their work at The Harbour Gallery Jersey all year round, so if you missed the chance to visit the markets, you can still buy from the Gallery in St Aubin!”

The not-for-profit charity, Art in the Frame Foundation, runs and manages The Harbour Gallery Jersey in St Aubin, which acts as the window to the charity, an exhibition space for up-and-coming-artists as well as a learning centre for those looking to develop their skills and grow as an artist/craftworker. It is home to the work of over 100 different local artists, including 35 Genuine Jersey members which guarantee the provenance of the artwork. Art is on display at the Gallery seven days a week and is at a mid-range price, making it affordable to one and all this Christmas time.

“We’re all aware of the struggles that the arts community is facing with funding and we aren’t immune as an organisation. Rising rents and overheads mean it is a constant battle to do more with less whilst keeping people engaged and visiting the Gallery. Gifting local artwork this Christmas is a fantastic way to celebrate our island and to show our support for those trying to carve out a career as an artist or craftworker whilst also raising much needed funds for a local Jersey charity.

“Over the festive season I would encourage the public to take a trip to the Opera House, the Arts Centre or one of the Island’s galleries, try out a life drawing class or a music lesson to remind ourselves of how much creative talent, opportunity and enjoyment there is through the arts on the Island.”

The charity Art in the Frame Foundation has supported the local arts scene for over 20 years and saw the establishment of The Harbour Gallery Jersey in 2008 to meet the public’s desire for a permanent exhibition space. Now, the Gallery also provides space to run workshops, demonstrations and lectures, educating individuals on contemporary art and encouraging local talent to broaden their artistic experiences. The Gallery Café and Deli, situated within the Gallery on the first floor, provides a welcoming environment with delicious food to suit all tastes, sourcing as much produce as possible locally and selling Genuine Jersey products in the deli.