Hollywood ?A? listers have them all the time, any self-respecting American women over 35 has tried them and now ladies in Jersey can get them… what exactly am I talking about, I hear you ask?


Instead of seeking out the surgeon?s scalpel, savvy women of a certain age are having Carita?s Perfect Gold Sculpting Facial, a new anti-ageing facial which promises great results, even after one treatment with none of the pain and all the gain of a face-lift. It may sound too good to be true, but the facial is now being offered at Experience, and it’s all the rage for ladies who need a little ?boost?.


Conveniently tucked away in the centre of St Helier is Experience, a tranquil haven where I am hoping the effects of time will be turned back and my rather tired-looking face will be brought back to life, all thanks to Carita?s new Anti-Aging facial.



This blissful treatment begins with a personal consultation where I discuss with my therapist which areas of my face most need help. Then after climbing under the sumptuous duvet my treatment begins with a unique relaxation ritual to de-stress, rebalance energy and improve well-being.  


My skin is then treated to an intense deep cleansing and amazing exfoliation with Carita?s anti-ageing products containing sunflower seeds and lemon. Then the real magic begins, a unique massage eases away facial tension and improves skin firmness, as well as stimulating hyaluronic acid production, my therapist explains that this is the body?s natural skin plumper, the first step to reducing my lines. 


Then phase two, a gentle electrical current is then used on my face by the Pro-lifting machine, this feels tingly but I ask the therapist to turn the machine to the highest setting, a few tingles are worth it in the quest to help eradicate my lines. After completing the facial on one side I am handed a mirror, the results are remarkable, my lines and wrinkles are definitely softer and the lifting effect in less than 15 minutes is amazing. 


The facial continues with the same magic being worked on the other side of my face. Once she has finished the therapist then hands me back the mirror and I take another look at my newly lifted, smoothed and revitalised face.  This really is an anti-ageing facial that delivers what it claims to, perfect for anyone who wants to look revitalised before a special event.  Finally the treatment finishes with a relaxing back massage, the perfect end to this two-hour facial.


This treatment is usually £125, but during the month of March there is a special offer for Gallery readers – you can have this amazing treatment for £100 (on a first come first served basis).  If however you are lucky enough not to need an anti-ageing facial, there are plenty of other luxurious Carita facials to sample.  Give Experience a call on 507859 and they can recommend which one is best suited for you.

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