Gallery Guinea Pig - Cartier Diamond Facial

Gallery Guinea Pig – Cartier Diamond Facial

I did a little bit of research before I went to try out this facial as I was intrigued. The blurb says: 

“This exquisite treatment uses unprecedented products which contain a fusion of plants and Diamond to prolong the youth of your skin. The treatment includes a welcoming foot ritual and a back, shoulder and scalp massage, followed by an in-depth relaxing, targeted face and décolleté massage. Your skin is sculpted and contoured to reveal a more youthful, radiant and even complexion. The final stage of the treatment is where your skin is treated to the Diamond of Beauty ultra firming mask. This unique mask will leave your complexion flawless and visibly firmer.”



Even just one of those things sounds like total bliss! I also found out that this exclusive treatment (only performed at a very select few salons across the country) is loved by Jessie J and Lana del Rey, as well as being one of the must-have facials at the Richard Ward Hair and Beauty Salon in Mayfair where the gorgeous Kate Middleton is a fan. So if those lovely ladies are falling over themselves to have this then there must be something special about it.


I arrived at the beautiful boutique Experience salon just off Hue Street and was ushered into a boudoir-style treatment room by Beauty Therapist and Salon Owner Simoné, she was really excited about this new treatment because she has been having such fab results herself, saying ‘I’d have this everyday if I could!’  If this is the secret treatment which has made her skin look so flawless then I’m definitely in!


Simoné also admitted ‘I did wonder if the whole ‘diamond’ part of the treatment was just a gimmick, but after seeing the brilliant results and understanding how it works as a catalyst to increase the benefits of the Tormaline which boosts micro-circulation and blood flow (blasting away fine lines) I’m much more convinced. It also feels like nothing else we’ve ever used here at the salon, the diamond infused mask feels like the cool smooth surface of the rock itself, all my clients have been commenting on how deeply soothing it feels going on. As well as stimulating collagen it also protects it, helping you stay looking younger for longer.’


I got changed into a huge fluffy white robe and the treatment started with a foot massage, that felt marvellous on my tired-out toes. My feet were then placed in a pretty foot bath with fuchsia pink orchids floating in and warming volcanic hot stones.


Whilst this worked its magic we did some breathing exercises followed by a back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage which  left me joyously relaxed. At this stage I remember thinking how fantastic it was that we weren’t even half way through this amazing experience.


After this relaxation ritual we moved on to the facial part of the treatment which Simoné tailored for my skin’s specific needs. Lots of different cleansers and serums were then applied expertly which all smelt and felt divine!


Then came the wrinkle blitzing part. The special ‘magic wand’ device really makes this the Sergeant Major of facials, whipping your skin into perfection. You can have the machine turned up as high as you can tolerate, or you can simply opt to just have it buzz gently on the lowest setting. I of course went for the hard core option as I’ve been getting really worried about my wrinkles recently and so I gleefully welcomed anything which might help! The wand’s rounded metal probes were worked over all my fine lines, it’s sort of a sharp buzz at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly. This wonderful machine also helps with contouring so Simoné worked it over my cheekbones and jaw line as well.


Following this my skin was prepped and ready to take on all the key ingredients of the pièce de résistance; the Carita diamond-infused mask. It felt wonderfully cooling as it was spread on all over my neck and face. Then whilst it got to work infusing my skin with goodness, Simoné gave me a fantastic hand and arm massage. The time flew by and soon she was applying the light, silky and über-luxurious Carita Diamant de Beauté cream.


She then left the room for me to get dressed and as I got up I saw a beautiful ornate tray with a glass of champagne, blueberries and pink mini macarons! It was such a surprise and a truly lovely treat to top off a wonderful experience. I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin looked; it was as if I’d been following a stringent water drinking and beauty-sleeping routine for years!


This is a truly extravagant head to toe treatment, with extraordinary anti-ageing results and it infuses skin with a new lease of life. I’ve never felt so pampered. I left the salon smiling.



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