Fort Regent re-imagined as lunar base

OK, so maybe that’s what it looks like from the concept but in actual fact this CGI from Nick Socrates is a smart idea and we’re behind it. Walking up Pier Road and all those steps is a pain in the legs.

Sure, they’re good if you’re training for an iron man but not if you’re walking up to see Jimmy Carr in your heels. That’s you in your heels, not Jimmy Carr wearing them, but you know what we mean. The lift in the car park is a little bit like a scene from a bad film and wouldn’t it be nicer scooting up to see a show after work in something straight out of The Great Glass Elevator? Elevators of this nature can be seen around the world as attractions in their own right.

Sure, there’s no gorge to look at but we have a castle, and a bay. The Ailing Fort Regent is a fantastic vantage point but the hordes of elderly visitors seldom get to enjoy it.

Sure, it would take our money to do it as taxpayers and we’re still busy spending it on not deciding where to put a hospital, but if there’s any left… it could be good to have something shiny and new on Snow Hill instead of just the toilets….