FeaturesFormed to be wild.

Formed to be wild.

Durrell welcomes new gorilla troop to Jersey… all 84 of them!

This week, forty life-size gorilla sculptures and forty-four mini ‘young’ gorilla sculptures, which will form the Go Wild Gorillas art trail this summer, arrived in Jersey by boat from the UK.

The blank, white gorilla sculptures are now in place and ready to be transformed by their artists, schools and community groups.

From April to June, artists from across Jersey, the UK and further afield will be heading to the Island to turn each of the life-size, blank gorilla sculptures into a vibrant work of art for both local residents and tourists to marvel at this summer. These brightly coloured sculptures will lead people on a trail of discovery, not only to see the gorillas themselves, but the nature in which they are placed.

The Go Wild Gorillas art trail in partnership with Wild in Art will launch on Monday 29th July and stay in place across Jersey until the 14th October. Meanwhile the ‘young’ gorillas are headed for schools and community groups to be decorated and showcased on a mini art trail of their own.
After the trail has ended, there will be a farewell event from 1st – 4th November at Jersey Zoo, where the public will have the chance to see all the gorillas together in one place before they head off to the auction to find their forever homes.

With only five life-size gorillas left to sponsor, Jersey businesses are encouraged to get in touch with the Durrell team as soon as possible to secure their sculpture. There is also still the opportunity for community groups to sign up for a ‘young’ gorilla and be part of the project.

out more at www.gowildgorillas.com or email Beth.Gallichan@durrell.org

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