FeaturesFor Richer or For Poorer, For Better or For Worse...

For Richer or For Poorer, For Better or For Worse…

With this year’s Gallery Rally entrants getting revved-up to queue at the starting line this coming June and this issue being our ‘love’ issue I’ve decided to provide you with a chart outlining some potential steeds for two to share. Aww…

Aware that my outspoken views may ruffle a few feathers, the choices above cater for a range of budgets and styles, all arranged by cost and whether they’re any good. Or not, in the case of half of them.

Top right, illustrating the pinnacle of both expense and pure brilliance we have Carroll Shelby’s brainchild, the Cobra. Exuding British charm and backed up by American muscle under the ‘hood’ you probably couldn’t beat taking one of these. If you have a spare couple of hundred thousand pounds to blow, that is. Don’t forget your flight jacket.

If you’re feeling patriotic and have the desire to hoon recklessly through tunnels whilst bathing in the symphonic harmony of a big V8 but don’t have the desire to immerse yourself in hideous debt, you can pick up a 4-litre Chimaera for around £5,000 these days. Don’t forget your wiring diagram.

As much as my usual solution to any motoring quandry would be ‘buy a 911’, when we tested Tesla’s Roadster last year I was pleasantly surprised. If you’re planning on taking one of these though, you had just better hope that the hotels have a decent power supply. Don’t forget your extension cable and a European plug adapter set.

Representing the ‘cheap and virtually useless for travelling anywhere far’ category are a pair of British entrants from the 70s that, if you can find one, would be perfect for anyone who is a glutton for punishment. Don’t forget the Easy Start. And some duck tape.

Whenever anybody without a Y chromosome has asked me what the ‘cute little car’ they saw earlier might have been, I’ve been disappointed to know that no bookmaker will put decent odds on my knowing that it will be a Nissan Figaro. It’s basically a pastel coloured hairdryer that Nissan were so embarassed to build that they omitted to stick their badge onto it. People seem to absolutely love them though. Don’t forget that there’s a Figaro only event coming to Jersey soon if you’re an owner.

Back up in the realm of car credability we have Audi’s R8 Spyder if you’re not short of a few pennies because let’s face it, most Ferrari owners have probably never exploited more than 10% of their potential and if you’re driving through France it’d be rude not to upset a van full of Gendarmes, the fantastic chassis clad in a perm that is Mazda’s MX-5 and Lotus’ original Elan. Pokey enough to keep up with modern traffic and borne of Colin Chapman’s engineering genius, taking one would be a hoot. Don’t forget the ibuprofen, for your imminently aching back.

Last, but by no means least (and bear with me here), Gallery has a new toy. It’s in the middle as it’s probably more expensive than it should be, shouldn’t be any cop but is amazing fun to drive (if a bit scary). Don’t forget to look out for it when it’s stickered-up and on the street.

Buy two, get one free

Doors, that is. From a similar school of thought as the contemporary Mini Clubman’s single rear suicide door that aids access and egress for passengers on the driver’s side of the vehicle (unless you’ve got a left-hand drive Mini, but I’m going to gloss over this small, irrelevant and somewhat controversial point) except with a door that opens in a more conventional manner, this 1+2 door coupe is Hyundai’s brand new Veloster.

With interior space that belies its sleek, coupe-styled exterior the Veloster is not only good looking but comfortable. Packed full of gadgetry that you never knew you could live without, all centered around a 7” TFT display that can even bring up to date news and films into the car.

Also sporting stop & go technology and low resistance tyres you just know that the polar bears are going to love it. Furthermore, there’s the option to choose Hyundai’s first dual-clutch transmission, a six speed gearbox that will not only provide even greater fuel efficiency but also results in both smoother and faster gearchanges.

My pick? The 500 horsepower rally version set to debut at this summer’s X-Games. Even just having picked up sponsorship from Red Bull is surely a promising sign, wouldn’t you say?

Sounds like your cup of chai? Then you’ll be wanting to get in touch with Jersey Hyundai at Cheapside
Telephone: 745911

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