fiftyfive nature facts:

Nature?s an amazing thing. Wait, that?s obvious isn?t it? Well, some parts of nature are even more impressive; record-breaking if you will. So here they are – the planet (and beyond)?s most impressive statistics. Compete with friends for how many you?ve seen, touched or done experiments on. Sort of like Bingo but without the retired people or marker pens. Do it for sweets and make it more exciting (technically that?s not us condoning gambling, simply the distribution of confectionery).

Tallest Animal > Giraffe

Largest Animal > Blue Bottom whale

Largest Bay > Hudson Bay, Canada,

Fastest Bird > Swift

Largest Bird > Ostrich

Smallest Bird > Humming bird

Largest Continent > Asia

Smallest Continent > Australia

Largest Country > Russia

Smallest Country > Vatican City

Longest Day > June 21

Shortest Day > December 22

Largest Delta > Sunderbans

Largest Desert > Sahara, Africa

Biggest Dome > Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur), India

Largest Dams > Grand Coulee Dam, USA

Tallest Fountain > Fountain Hills, Arizona

Largest Gulf > Gulf of Mexico

Largest Island > Greenland

Largest Lake > Caspian Sea, CISIran

Deepest Lake > Baikal (Siberia)

Highest Lake > Titicaca (Bolivia)

Highest Mountain Peak > Mount Everest (Nepal)

Highest Mountain Range > Himalayas

Longest Mountain > Andes (South America)

Biggest Oceans > Pacific Ocean

Deepest Oceans > Pacific Ocean

Biggest Park > Yellow Stone Na-tional Park

Largest Park > Wood Buffalo National Park (Canada)

Largest Peninsula > Arabia

Highest Plateau > Pamir (Tibet)

Biggest Planet > Jupiter

Smallest Planet > Murcury

Brightest Planet > Venus

Coldest Planet > Pluto

Nearest (To the Sun) > Mercury

Farthest (from the Sun) > Pluto

Longest River > Nile, Africa

Longest River Dam > Hirakud Dam, India

Largest Sea > South China Sea

Brightest Star > Sirius A

Largest Sea-bird > Albatross

Highest Waterfall > Angel (Venezuela)

Widest Waterfall > Khone Falls (Laos)

Lowest Water Level > Dead Sea

Hottest Place > Al-Azizia (Libya)

Rainiest Place > Mosinram, near Cherapunji (India)

Highest Village > Andean (Chile)

Highest Volcano > Ojos del Salado, (Argentina) Chile

Largest Volcano > Manuna Lea (Hawai)

Lightest Gas > Hydrogen

Fastest Animal > Cheetah

Biggest Flower > Rafflesia (Java)

Fastest Dog > Persian greyhound

Lightest Metal > Lithium