About Face

About Face

We could, potentially, be introducing you to your makeover god, so listen up whilst we give you a sneak peek into our behind the scenes chat with top plastic surgeon Nick Percival.

Whilst many of us were listening to the likes of Salt-n-Peppa’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ as it reached number one in 1992 (yes, you were), Nick Percival was busy qualifying as a consultant for the NHS, saving the faces of people requiring reconstructive surgery at Charing Cross Hospital. If the people at Tatler are anything to go by, he’s one of the foremost surgeons in the UK and was one of the first surgeons to employ the minimal access cranial suspension (MACS) face-lifting technique. Nick is an internationally renowned expert in facial rejuvenation, lecturing widely in the UK and internationally.  Medically trained at UCL in London and a post-graduate lecturer at Stanford University in the US, he is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and is a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, BAAPS. Phew!

He’s definitely not short of a qualification or two, which makes it absolutely fabulous that Nick has been drawn to our lovely island to help us become that little bit more content with our necks, stomachs, arms and thighs! After Nick met Dr John Curran, Lead Physician at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic at The Lido Medical Centre, his career in the Channel Islands kick started and now he is here every two weeks to offer consultations and minor surgical procedures.

Dr Curran is hugely regarded as an excellent cosmetic practitioner. He is one of only a handful of Fellows of the BCAM [British College of Aesthetic Medicine] and has been included in the prestigious Tatler ‘Beauty and Cosmetic Guide’ as one of the top 30 cosmetic doctors and surgeons in the UK for the second year running!
“Curran’s Empire [he has clinics in Jersey Guernsey and Belfast] is a Mecca for those who want to try the very latest technologies without traipsing all the way to London. As well as offering Botox and fillers he sniffs out all the most promising anti-ageing machines that really deliver results and right now he’s raving about Intracel”.
He is also described as “The Channel Island’s best kept secret” a “Genius at correcting sun damage’ and “A hot-to-trot Dermatologist”
His vast experience in cosmetic dermatological procedures, span over a whopping 15 years, which makes John and Nick the perfect team for your first class makeover.

Lots of you will have seen pictures of the ‘cat woman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein who had a burning desire to be nip, tucked and stapled to the extremes, and the ultimate Barbie-gone-wrong, Hills star Heidi Montag, both of who look pinched and pained. Cosmetic surgery just doesn’t have to be this way. These days plastic surgery no longer leaves you looking…well… plastic. The biggest advancement in surgical procedures for Nick has been the breakthrough of the many different methods to carry out one procedure, rendering surgery more sophisticated and tailored for your specific needs. “The advancements in surgery means you don’t need to worry about the dreaded wind-tunnel look!”
You’ve surely heard of the latest PiP implant scandal? If not… where have you been?! We hope you weren’t directly affected but we totally understand the kind of effect this sort of story can have. I mean, come on, no one wants the thought of a potentially life threatening substance invading their body as they sleep, there’s no wonder we’ve become so sceptical. Nick understands these concerns more than most; he was featured on Channel Five’s Botched Up Bodies as a highly qualified plastic surgeon to correct those awful cheap messed up jobs.
“You shouldn’t choose a treatment based on whether it’s cheap or expensive, you should chose a treatment on whether it’s appropriate.”
Nick chatted to us about the unfortunate incidences of those money-savvy few who think that flying out to another country to get the job done will be just fine; “Those people often think ‘They’re all doctors right?, perhaps, but it is experience and expertise which plays a vital role in the success of surgery.” So you could be saving a bob or two at the start, but you may just find that this is the beginning of many painful consultations and find yourself hundreds of pounds out of pocket to fix unsatisfactory work. Not so savvy after all!
At the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, John, Nick and their team ensure that you won’t find yourself in this ugly situation (in every sense of the word), they offer that all-important advice and consultation before hand. “We offer sound advice, in a professional environment so you can be absolutely confident that you’re in the best hands possible.”
Its not just women who are having surgery these days. With the stigma associated to plastic surgery rapidly decreasing, more and more men are investing in cosmetic surgery. It doesn’t have to be major treatments either, at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic they carry out eyelid surgery and Vaser- Liposelection on island, so your transformation can be that little bit more convenient.
Most of us still want to look like ourselves, but maybe just a little bit more ‘naturally’ beautiful. Whatever your request, Nick could be your knight in blue scrubs, ready to defeat those pesky insecurities holding you back.

Whether you’re just beginning to consider it, or maybe there’s some surgery you’ve always wanted to have and you’re just not sure where to get it, visit The Aesthetic Skin Clinic or give them a call on 01534 625090 and they’ll be happy to talk you through the options. 


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