A Facade From Afar But Far From A Facade

A Facade From Afar But Far From A Facade


As you round the corner from West’s Centre there  are few who would not appreciate the grandeur of 1875 as you walk down Peter Street. The imposing and characterful building has been lovingly restored to a former glory and both the render and curved glass frontage seem to shimmer in the summer sunlight.

The colour is unusual, somehow managing to look pristine yet consistent with a bygone era of architecture. One of the contractors was keen to explain that the unique finish was achieved through the meticulous combination of three different renders, all combined in accordance with guidelines outlined by the team at the planning department and the Heritage Officer.


You can’t help but feel this development will be the best thing to happen to retailers in the area for years, taking what was a previously under used street and making it the main thoroughfare for a new generation of urban dwellers; urban dwellers who will combine the feel of living as part of something enduring and historic whilst still appreciating the sun through their floor to ceiling glass.

Developers are sometimes criticised for taking a modernist approach to developments. That’s quite interesting when you look at the favourite iconic developments selected this month in our architecture feature (pg 92) as it seems modernism can be enduring, regardless of the era in which it is used to influence design and construction. For 1875 Dandara have managed to take the classic design of the facade and obscure the apartments behind from view whilst flanking the imposing steps and atrium-facing art with cubic, modernist townhouses. Somehow the iconic centre piece sets the town, particularly when looking out from the extensive windows of one of townhouse living spaces.

We were shown around the property on a beautiful June day which allowed us to see how bright and open floor to ceiling glass can make a property.  The first floor living space feels spacious and appealing. Clever mirrored film has also been used in places to mean that you get maximum light whilst retaining privacy.

The master bedroom along with en suite is on the second floor, allowing either (or both) the ground floor / top floor to be used independently if required, whether for a teenager looking for their own domain or a lodger who can have the feel of a separate apartment. Both the ground floor and master bedroom of the house we looked at had sizeable outside balcony spaces and the adjacent four bedroom variety design benefits from a roof terrace.

All townhouses benefit from designated secure parking on the ground floor. The design is clever as the parking level is, in fact, just a few feet below ground level due to the way in which the building has been constructed to allow an elevated ground floor. Up to 2 spaces have been allocated per townhouse property with others available.

Moving from the townhouses across the courtyard to the grand entrance of the former chapel it is easy to be struck by how the classic design becomes ultramodern within. Clean timber topped glass balustrades frame the levels of the vaulted glass and zinc-covered atrium that links to 48 apartments and leads up to the communal balcony space overlooking the courtyard.


The show apartment is beautifully presented with a large, practically shaped and sized living space. A new build design affords the achitect the oppportunity to design the space in an optimum way compared to a conversion. The entrance corridor houses the practical utility cupboard space that is big enough to store a myriad of things you want to keep out of sight.

The corridor leads to a living space that opens onto a long balcony that unites it with the bedroom. On entering it almost seems as if you’ve walked into someone’s own apartment with toothpaste in the bathroom and shoes casually discared in the lounge. The interior designers, Honky Interiors have worked with Dandara to communciate how the space could actually look once lived in rather than showhome sparce. The result is welcoming and you feel right at home.

It seems the presentation appeals to Jersey’s buyers with 90% of the apartments sold already, despite only having been marketed for a month. Whilst the apartments at 1875 would make great investments, Dandara tell us that a large percentage are to be owner occupied so new residents may find that the large communal roof area could be quite the social gathering place in the summer.

In terms of practicality, all apartments and townhouses are electric heated with a direct electric hot water cylinder. The generously size bathrooms are floor to ceiling tiled with quality fittings and townhouses are flying freehold.

With only a few apartments left and townhouses nearing completion we strongly recommend you see for yourself and maybe you’ll be attracted to the iconic 1875.

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