FeaturesEdwin Loxley kitchens available at David Hick Interiors.

Edwin Loxley kitchens available at David Hick Interiors.

Edwin Loxley kitchens available at David Hick Interiors.

This is an English company and the furniture is of the highest specification available. The kitchen pictured is made from solid American walnut with a Zebrano sand blasted effect. One of the main features of this kitchen is its floating breakfast table and island top.  With Edwin Loxley there are no standard range brochure designs, each commission is bespoke manufactured to suit  the architectural proportions of each property as well as the home owner’s tastes and requirements. We went to meet up with Julien Tensorer who is a Kitchen Designer at David Hick Interiors.
How did you get into kitchen design?
I have always had an interest in design and my youthful path took me to London where I studied design and then Jersey where I had some friends.  In the late 70s I was offered an opportunity to design kitchens and since then I have never looked back!
Over the years I have designed kitchens in most styles and with most leading brands but my dream kitchen… every kitchen we design is a dream kitchen.
At David Hick Interiors we are very excited about the new designs we can achieve with our Loxley range, a highly regarded range of kitchens in the industry that are very affordable.  What makes us different? The service, the project management and the wealth of experience that we all have to make a project run smoothly, including the service offered by our interior designers who can make the whole scheme come together with lighting, tiles, paints, curtains, blinds always working to the client’s wishes.
Doors come in two depths 22mm or premier at 30mm. A tighter budget would afford the 22mm door in maybe a plain Shaker style.  What makes our kitchens better?  The carcass and construction is infinitely stronger than anything on the market and made in birch ply has a luxurious feel and look. Clients love the fact that they can pick any colour for the doors and for the units.

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