Dog of the Year Awards 2019

When we conceived our competition for ‘Dog of the Year’ last month, it was with the knowledge that people love sharing a good dog photo, particularly when it’s of their own four-legged friend. Each month our inbox has a selection for our regular ‘Pet of the Month’ feature and wanted to give owners the opportunity to get a vote for their canine buddy and potentially win something.

Little did we know how insane the response would be. We had to close submissions after 200 had been received because the pace of entries was accelerating at such a rate – owners all over the island were selecting their dog’s best side and pinging us portraits at a rapid rate.

Not only was it a great month looking through all the shots with ‘aws’ and ‘arrs’ in the office all week, but our Facebook fans got on board and liked the pooch pictures in their droves. It actaully became quite the scandal, as people began calling and messaging, asking us to put parameters on voting as some entrants had cast their net across the internet, appealing to dog-lovers the world over.

Our winner, Olly, managed to rack up almost 2000 likes as he and runner-up Frankie seemed to get some serious love from the extended Westie-loving community. If your hound got 100 likes, that’s still incredible. Even if he was a late entrant and got just a handful, he’s still special to us so thanks to all our entrants and their owners!


Prize: Overnight stay for Olly and his owner at Greenhills Country Hotel

RUNNER UP: Frankie

Prize: Full service groom at Paws Pitstop