Deskspace – Wharf Street, Suite 27 ­– iPopDigital

Deskspace – Wharf Street, Suite 27 ­– iPopDigital

The perfect office space is a dream come true for many start-ups today! Having a space in which to foster and develop your business all adds to the success of a company. Honeycomb – the brainchild of Spencer Bourne – boasts a number of impressive office alternatives, all perfectly in tune with the business desires of many like-minded organisations today.


Who are iPopDigital?


iPopDigital are a brand new digital agency that pride themselves on offering the best of both worlds – print and web-based solutions for international and local clients. Although a relatively new start-up, they’re far from fresh off the boat. In fact, they come with a wealth of collective experience. Their backgrounds are heavily steeped in the world of web and print design, with both Jon Moore (Creative Director) and Jonny Seller (Director/Developer) having cut their teeth at bigger agencies. Their new venture is born from a desire to choose who they work with, whilst also being able to control their business output on a more holistic level.


‘We wanted to inject a passion into our work that we think only comes from working more intimately with our clients under our own flag. Luckily for us, we’ve really hit the ground running. We’re young, zealous and committed, and our willingness to be represented by our work has seen us build a solid client-base already’.


The roles involved?


As a small team, both Jon and Jonny have to cover all aspects of the business.


When it comes to web work, Jonny is the main developer – he likes to hand code (he’s a sucker for punishment). Jon Moore is the designer so he creates all print work and has been known to dabble in web work when he is called upon. Because we’re committed to never outsourcing our work we both have to muck in when it counts, but our experience stands us in good stead for that. We also work with a top local photographer, Victor Sindean, on a freelance basis and have a few others that offer marketing solutions to some of our clients – it seems to work out very nicely’.


Any plans for the company’s future? 


Being restless to a fault, this is a company that definitely has big plans in the pipeline, but for now, they’re keeping their cards close to their chest.


In a world of proliferated media, we’d rather put the horse before the cart and let our work do the talking, whatever the future brings. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people so far and we’re completely open to working with just about any like-minded souls in the future’.


Why 4 Wharf Street?


Irrespective of whether your business is established on a global level, or brand new, having a user-friendly hub to work from is a huge advantage. Wharf Street is just that to Jon and Jonny. With a range of modern-day, refined office suites in the heart of St Helier – complete with no hidden costs, ample space and high-tech amenities – they’re ideal premises for businesses that wish to grow.


‘Wharf Street is a fantastic place to work. I’m sure it’s been said before but to have so many different types of business under one roof creates such a stimulating working environment. We have been warmly welcomed and we’ve met a number of like-minded young companies who haven’t hesitated to offer invaluable advice. Having seen people come and go in our short time here, we would like to think we have learned from their successes and mistakes’.


Is it important to have an office positioned in the centre of town?


Although there’s temptation, particularly in this industry, to lock yourself away and develop a business virtually, iPopDigital are great believers in face to face interaction.


‘Our office is pretty relaxed; we have an open door policy and encourage people to drop by for whatever reason. We have actually found that we develop just as many new relationships that way as we do online, which is great for us because it keeps things interesting’.


Tell me a little about the benefits you offer your clients?


One of the best things about a smaller company is that they’re able to offer a more bespoke package to their clients – based and dependant on their budget.


‘We won’t try to push them into something more expensive just because it suits us – we are as transparent as possible about time, costs and the end result. We think there’s always that temptation to overcommit just to satisfy the accountant but in the long term it’d likely be the undoing of us. Like I said, we’re proactive and we’re committed so we always finish what we start, even if it means putting in the extra hours’.


What do you enjoy about your job?


Both Jon and Jonny love their jobs. Sure, a lot of people say that but for them it’s true – every day is different and they never know what the next project will bring.


‘We have such a huge range of assignments on at any particular time so you never feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. In this line of work variety is incredibly important to ensure your creativity doesn’t run dry and we’re lucky enough to be able to inject it into our days habitually and appropriately’.


A day-to-day routine in the iPopDigital office…


There is certainly no set routine in this office. Both developers grab lunch whenever they can (favouring a chicken bomb from the bomb shop in the market) which is eaten at their desks.


‘It is nice to know you can stay back late and don’t have to ask permission. Our hours aren’t structured like in finance, we’re here until the jobs done, taking calls and meetings in between – it’s a great way to work’.


iPopDigital are a constantly evolving organism, which means they’re always open to working with anyone they feel will bring something new to their dynamic. Whether a client or a contributor, Jon and Jonny look forward to hearing from you!


4 Wharf Street


Call us today on (01534) 888554 or visit


Email –


Contemporary office suites in the heart of town boasting both a neighbourly yet private office arrangement – all with affordable leasing terms that include utilities.


Three great locations in St Helier


Minimum 3-month lease with 1-month notice, 6-month lease with 2-month notice and one-year lease with 3-month notice, deposits would reflect notice period.


Single office suites from only £395 per month. Suite sizes range from one to eight people.


24 hour access Flexible working hours.


Individual mailboxes Assuring privacy of mail.


Phone System Allowing for individual phone numbers.


Ideal for start-ups Make the step from home to town and get closer to your clients.


No service charge Heating, lighting and water are all included in the lease. Cleaning service supplied for common areas.


Meeting room Meeting room available.


Kitchen Servicing all suites.


WiFi access Free online access.














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